Bespoke Options


What Makes Us Bespoke?


1. We start with the biggest range of cabinets in the UK, currently over 200. You can see them on our online catalogue or download the PDF version.

2. Then you can specify most of our cabinets in any width, depth or height at no extra cost. Each cabinet has min and max dimensions to ensure it’s correctly proportioned, but within that you can have whatever your kitchen needs. So, if you need a 436mm wide base cabinet, with a depth of 549mm you can have it.

3. Next, you can choose the panel splits on tall doors. For example; divide the panelling to line up with base or wall cabinet doors. You can read more on this below. We believe it is integral to the finished look of your bespoke kitchen, yet something very few comapnies offer. 

4. Then we have a range of options for each cabinet. You can have extended sides, v grooved sides, inset sides, cut outs for pillars and soil pipes, panelled island ends; or we can remove cabinet parts to house a boiler, for example.

5. We also supply base, wall or tall doors in a frame (without a cabinet) with your chosen door panel split on the tall doors. These are ideal to put on the front of a built in cupboard or a pantry.

6. You can also mix and match door, drawer, cornice and plinth styles to get your kitchen looking the way you want it to.

black kitchen island
handmade kitchen

Any Height On Most Cabinets


This means you can proportion your cabinets to your ceiling height. Most kitchen brochures will show staged kitchens with just the right ceiling height. But if your ceiling height isn’t the same or varies, your kitchen won’t look like the brochure.

If you take a look at our “Top 50 Gallery” on our website you will see photos of real kitchens sent by customers. What they all have in common is that they were able to proportion the cabinet heights to the ceiling height, so they don’t look too big and overpowering, or too small and under sized.

Note in the picture on the left: the wall cupboards are proportioned to ensure there is just the right amount of space between the cupboard tops and the ceiling, and the cupboard bottoms and the worktop. With standard heights itʼs easy to leave too much space, or too small a space.

If you are building an extension, chances are you will have an RSJ or beam running across the ceiling. With our cabinets we can get the right proportions and still maximise storage space. You can also have different heights, in different areas of the room and we can even make a feature out of area that other comapnies would deem troublesome!

Any Width On Most Cabinets


There are a few rules in kitchen design that have stood the test of time because they just work. One of these, is that your tap looks best in the centre of a window. If you can most cabinets at any width, a run of cabinets can be adjusted to achieve this. If you have standard, or limited size cabinets it can’t be done without the use of big fillers and lots of tray spaces. The same problem occurs when a run of cabinets meets a door or a window. With our cabinets, you can stop the run at the optimal position from the start of the door to allow a proper size worktop overlap before the door architrave starts. This will also enable you to the return cornice down the  side of the wall cupboard without impinging on the window frame.

Some customers like their kitchen to look symmetrical if possible and because with our cabinets, the widths can often be adjusted; we can achieve symmetry where others often can’t. 

handmade kitchen
handmade kitchen

Any Depth On Most Cabinets


If you have a pillar/soil pipe box, we can make a reduced depth cabinet to sit in front of it so that it matches the rest of a run of cabinets. If you need the cabinet to fit around the pillar, we can do that too; building a cabinet so that it fits snugly around it.




Bespoke Door Panelling


Not only can you choose the height of your tall cabinets, you can decide the way the door panels are divided. This makes an enormous difference to the way your kitchen looks. Please take a look at the picture on the right. See how even though the tall cabinet and the larder top  cabinet are bespoke heights, the tall door panel is divided so that it matches the larder top door.

Door panel splits can be made in any of the following options:

  • to match base door panels
  • to match wall cupboard door panels
  • to match larder top door panels
  • to match integrated fridge freezer doors
  • to A 40/60 split
  • A 60/40 split
  • A 50/50 split.
  • An equal 3 panel split

handmade kitchen
handmade kitchen

Mantels & Extractors


Some companies will offer you just a mantel shelf, others may have a full mantel in one single size.

We have over many variations of mantel and extractor housing.

We even make a version that you can slide in to a plasterboard false chimney.

This means that you can make a real feature of the mantel and get a look that is right for your kitchen and doesnʼt look like all your friends’ kitchens.

More Bespoke Solutions


Over the years we have also developed the following solutions to issues we see on a regular basis.

Cabinet Cut-Outs


We can build a cabinet to fit around a pillar, to save you or your fitter trying to cut the cabinet on site. If we do it, we jonly require the dimensions of the cut out. This will look much better when you look inside the cabinet the internals will wrap neatly around the  obstruction and you won’t see  the actual pillar!

cut out kitchen cabinet
cabinet with extended sides

Extended Sides


We can build a cabinet with an extended side or we can extend both sides. This means that you can cut or scribe the back of the sides to fit an un-even wall.

V Grooved Sides


We can supply our cabinet sides either plain or v grooved (this simulates a T&G effect).

v grooved sides
boiler cupboard

Part Cabinets


We can supply a door or two doors in a front frame for either a wall or base. This can go across a pillar to join 2 other cabinets, or between a wall and a cupboard in front of a boiler for example. We can also supply a front frame and 1 cabinet side to go around a pillar or a boiler. Sometimes we need to supply a front frame and 2 sides for a boiler (we leave off the top and base to allow air circulation).

We can also supply tall doors in a frame ideal for a built in pantry or cupboard. You can also have these engraved.

Inset Sides


If you are planning an island or peninsula involving back to back cabinets, you will have a join down the side where the cabinets meet. To overcome this, we inset the side of each cabinet just behind the cabinet front frame and we supply a panel that covers the whole length of the cabinets and fits flush behind the front frame. This way you hide the join without adding any extra width to the cabinets.

kitchen cabinet inset sides
panelled sides

Panelled Sides


Use a Panel and Post to finish a run, or a Post/Panel/Post to get a great look on the end of an island.

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